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Ticket Scams and Fake Tickets

A concert, sporting event or theater show is coming to town and you missed out buying tickets or you couldn't buy the perfect seats when they went on sale. It's amazing how most ticket buyers think the only way to get tickets to an event is through the Box Office, Ticketmaster or Live Nation. However, some empty-handed Ticket Buyers will search for tickets on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, and many other secondary ticket websites. Some Ticket Buyers are afraid to purchase tickets from those websites because they believe there is no accountability or bylaws in place protecting them from ticket scammers.

Ticket Mediator wants to help take some of the mystery out of buying event tickets and help Ticket Buyers understand safe buying practices and ticket terminologies.


This is the number one rule no matter what tickets you're buying. When it comes to buying tickets online or in person, don't just look for the cheapest prices. Research the Ticket Seller's full name on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites to get a better idea of what kind of business or person you're dealing with. If you cannot find a social page of the person you are buying from with the correct information about them and a picture to match the name, it's a big time red flag.

Google the contact phone number for a matching contact name and view all search results for any additional information pertaining to the Ticket Seller's phone number. If you cannot find anything matching the name, that could spell trouble. Don't do business with anyone you're not comfortable with or someone you cannot call if an issue arises before, during or after you purchase. Do business with someone who will not only provide all the information about the tickets, but about themselves too. Scammers will tell you everything you want to hear about the tickets and nothing about themselves that is traceable.


Ticket Sellers on eBay provide very little information about themselves, except for their Seller Rating and Location. All ticket transactions on eBay are handled by PayPal. There is no guarantee that the tickets you ordered will be verified tickets, be for the exact date you selected or will be in the exact location you selected. The only guarantee you have on eBay if fraud happens is, PayPal will refund you after an investigation is completed and the ruling is in your favor. However, PayPal will not reimburse you for any aggravation, disappointment and suffering.


Private Ticket Sellers from Online Classified Websites such as Backpage or Craigslist will provide you everything about the tickets, but very little information about themselves unless you ask. All information provided by a Private Ticket Seller could be false and untraceable. Therefore you must be smart enough to research and gather as much legal information before meeting to purchase tickets from them. The first step before buying tickets from them would be for you to personally view the Ticket Seller's "Photo Drivers License". In order to know you are viewing a valid Photo Drivers License, ask for a Major Credit Card so you can match the first and last name of the Private Ticket Seller on both cards.

The next step would be to take a picture of the Photo Drivers License with your cell phone. If the Private Ticket Seller refuses to provide two cards with matching names and or refuses to allow a picture of the Photo Drivers License, then you must walk away. All transactions with a Private Ticket Seller are cash only or with PayPal. There is very little guarantee about the tickets being verified, so protect your money by using PayPal only when buying from a Private Ticket Seller.


All Certified and Licensed Ticket Websites selling event tickets are required to provide a toll-free phone number and at least one email address on their ticket website. Some Certified and Licensed Ticket Websites have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Dynamic Seal located on their website. This image should be a clickable BBB logo taking you directly to the Better Business Bureau Information Page of the business you wish to verify.

Any ticket website not providing a clickable BBB image is not a member of the Better Business Bureau. All Certified and Licensed Ticket Websites are monitored, reviewed and are held accountable if they're not complying with the high standard of customer satisfaction when selling tickets to you. All ticket transactions on a Certified and Licensed Ticket Website are by credit card and PayPal only. This provides a safe and secure transaction for all Ticket Buyers.


Certified and Licensed Ticket Websites will never display photos of the tickets for sale. But on eBay, Craigslist and many other online Classified Websites, you'll find countless photos of tickets on display from Private Ticket Sellers. If all the ticket information and or barcodes are visible for the world to see, there is a great chance the information could be or is being used by a scammer to sell duplicates and or fake tickets everywhere possible. You will never know your tickets are duplicates or fake until you attempt to enter the venue. You would be amazed at how many people continue to get fooled because they didn't research the Ticket Seller first or even know what the genuine tickets should look like.


If you're meeting a Private Ticket Seller face-to-face, make sure it's in a public place. Criminals know you'll be bringing cash for those tickets, so it's probably not a good idea to meet anyone in an isolated place because it could cost you more than your money, maybe your car or even your life. Many suburban and city police departments are allowing Ticket Buyers to use their precinct for ticket transactions. It's a great idea, just call ahead in advance to use this free and safe option. If a Private Ticket Seller refuses or makes excuses not to meet you at any precinct, you must walk away.


What happens if the event is cancelled? This has happened and sometimes events are cancelled minutes before they start or after they started. Getting a refund from a Private Ticket Seller could take time or may never happen if you didn't research and ask for the right legal information before making the ticket transaction. This is important because you are dealing with a person you never met before and may never see again. Even if you finally do make contact with the Private Ticket Seller, you have no written guarantee and legal action may be required for a full refund of your ticket transaction if the person starts playing games.

All Certified and Licensed Ticket Websites have a 100% Money Back Guarantee and will credit your account as soon as the event is canceled and officially not rescheduled. However, they will not issue a refund if the event is rescheduled and you wish not to attend or cannot attend the new date.


Hopefully, you feel more confident about buying event tickets online now. Don't forget, buying verified tickets from a Licensed and Certified Ticket Website is safe and secure. But if you don't care about the risk and only care about the bottom line, then take a chance buying tickets with a Private Ticket Seller. Hopefully, you do not become a victim of a ticket scam. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about tickets or concerns about Ticket Mediator. We're here to help you because we value your business.

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